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Der Unter Zwerg
PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 5:20 AM 


Joined: 29 Dec 2016

::The following newspaper would find itself spread all over the island and on most public boards, including Bendir Dale, Cordor, Kohl, Tarkuul, and Kampos::


Top Stories Tonight;Sadness from Kohlingen, as the missing boy and his mother have yet to be found. A member of the Silver Dragons, not speaking officially, spoke of plans to dredge the Feylake. We here at Amia Monthly offer our condolences to the families and those affected.

Subterranean rumblings from the Skull Crags, as an as-of-yet unnamed red-dragon has been sighted building a 'lair' of sorts inside the volcano. The dragon declined to comment, aside from stating he is building a new nation, whose chief exports will be fear and violence.

A clan of deep-dwellers speaks of a new deep beast conjured from the void of an underdark ocean, planning on unleashing some kind of augmented aboleth upon the surface, much to the, presumed, dismay of the surface races.

Salutations and sea-salt from Wharftown, as Aedan the Iconoclast secures another sea-sturdy ship for his secular order. The ship is not yet ship-shape, but all hands are on deck, and she should be seaworthy soon.

News From A BroadGreetings readers, it is I, Viola E, with this months 'News from a Broad.' First up, our plan to feminize Amia and the surrounding areas are nearly complete; The War Knights, Bendir Dale, Kohlingen, most of Cordor, and the 'acting' Jarl of Wiltun are now all of the fairer, superior sex. Good work ladies! Let's keep the momentum going into 1385!

And watch out ladies, there is some drama afoot in the Grove. I cannot give specifics, as I of course would never print any of the letters I receive, but should you find a 'newly eligible' bachelor, think of the trail of broken hearts he has left behind him! For your own sake!



Don't know where to go for your next travel destination? Consider the city of Neverwinter! Fancy diners, trendy shops, and the latest bard-songs, Neverwinter is the place to be. Should you get cold this season, just remember, it's always warm in the city that's Neverwinter.


Opinion; The Duty of DefenceThose who have been around Wharftown recently likely know what I am speaking of already, but for those who don't, I shall bring you up to speed. The "Defenders" of Kohlingen have recently been making more and more appearances around the city, barging in and giving orders to our own scouts and guards. As a natural born Wharftownie, I have seen what these types do. It starts out as suggestions to our guards, slowly transitioning to orders. Suddenly we find our ships being inspected for 'contraband' or banned idols. Precious silks are seized at port due to trade sanctions against all underdark cities. Curfews are instituted 'for your own good.' We would, in general, fall under the thumb of those who would halt our way of life so they could 'do good.'

However it does not have to be so. Any threat to our city, any true threat worthy of response that is, would have them fight alongside us anyway, as their oaths demand they protect the weak and vulnerable. Should the 'Living City' come to our door the Knights of Kohlingen will come running, alliance or no. As such I encourage all true Wharftown citizens to do as I intend to; Not follow their crude orders, not allow them any influence over our bothers and sisters, and remind them it is their oath-bound duty to protect us despite a lack of cooperation or any alliance they have or had.

Letters to the EditorDear Editor; I am a citizen, a single mother of Cordor. Every day I must stomach walking into the Golden Lady's tradehall and smelling the stench of a foul pale-master or chromatic dragon kin. How can Kohlingen allow this filth to simply walk around the 'City of Water?'

-A concerned citizen

Dear Concerned, What you must remember is that the city of Kohlingen is simply unwilling to assist you in these matters. As such I recommend you do what you feel is right. The man with maggots under his skin? If Cordor is your home, then do what you would do should someone like that walk into your home. Always remember, the Kohlingen Knights protect their own, first and foremost, and the City of Water is on the far end of the island. Keep your children close, and do your best to keep them safe. The STU is no more, it is on you, now.


PersonalLost dog! He is a white Chiwawa, name "Rosco." Lost west of Cordor.


My pearl-skinned goddess
favoured of Selune;
Can you not see
how much I love you?



Found; Suit of splint mail armour. Left with Hil'Rash in Cordor.


FOUND; Small white dog. Answers to "Bosco." Found in Tarkuul. Come to the Castle to claim.


Giving away; Non-regulation Snooker table, all balls present. Minor wind damage. Talk to Hojo in Tarkuul to claim. First come first serve.


I see the way
you look at me
but stay away
I'm saved for G.


Missed ConnectionsI saw the way you glanced at me as you got off the ship yesterday. Don't worry, I feel the same way too.


To the Silver Dragon with the eyes like pure emerald; do me this favour and work the front gate more often~

Community AwardsCordor; 50 Coin Challenge, Lars Hoppot.
Bendir; Troll Toll, Elron Butterfly.
Wharftown; Community Honesty Award, Veris Al'rith
Tarkuul; Best use of Skeleton, Bones McKenzie

CreditsAaron A. Adoms - Chief Editor

Viola E - Writer
Jason H - Writer
Bort C - Editing
Elron B - Writer

Copyright 1384, Amia Monthly Newsletter.

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PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 5:29 AM 

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// Could you please actually list the cities and other locations these newsletters are found? "Everywhere" is easy to say but would be difficult for any one person to accomplish as some places can't be reached by every race or outsiders to factions, and not every place will appreciate such newsletters in their cities/areas. Thanks.

Account moved to LeathanKayne.
Delen and Fosco will see ya on that one!
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PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 6:37 AM 

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A particularly unfeminine War Knight reads the notice in Cordor with her eyes narrowed on the 'News from a broad' section. She mused to herself with a blank stare.

I'm feminine now? I must be getting soft... She trailed off to conclude her business in Cordor with an amused expression.

Warlord Elwyn Sabel | Necromaster Laura Jarshall

PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 7:07 AM 

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The post in Kohlingen finds itself removed by a woman with glowing blue eyes.
Apparently a particular knight wasn't very tolerant of the newsletter's content.


PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 8:16 AM 

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The Newsletters in Tarkuul are purchased by the Headmaster. He grumbles "Someone really wants to copy me so bad, just to be me.." then hand the newsletters out to Citizens.

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PostPosted: Thu, Dec 29 2016, 20:32 PM 

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/Somehow/ this newsletter ends up posted in L'Obsul...


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