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PostPosted: Mon, Jan 16 2017, 23:32 PM 

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Joined: 29 Jul 2007
Location: Norway: Home of the Trolls

I want to invest 50,000 gold in your future.

Yes, you read that right. My name is Thomas Quinn and I'm one of the adventuring populace who wanted to give back to the isle that's been good to me, but do it in an original way. I thought of something that might help the economy and give individuals the chance they never got, for whatever reasons, and wanted to do more than donate to something again. As such, I came up with this program to help stimulate new economic growth and give those without the proper means a shot at success and wealth. If you're a dreamer without coin, a hard worker without steady work or someone who already owns a business that's failing to produce a profit, then this program is for you. I want to make this very clear, People with a net worth exceeding 100,000 gold need not apply. The same applies to adventurers as this program is aimed at helping the common folk that's suffered, worked hard and ensure that there are cities, shops, traders, food, drinks and everything else we adventurers enjoy on this island.

All you need to do to be concidered for this is to write to me. Write me your business idea that you're passionate about. Initially, I will select up to ten people to be included in this initiative. Do you want to start your own farm or shop? Or perhaps you want to start a guild that lends manpower to others? Perhaps you already own a farm or business but are failing to produce profit? Do you have an idea to potentially support yourself financially and independently, but lack the means and money or even the training? If the total cost is under 50,000 gold (with -some- wiggleroom) then I will pay for all of it and help ensure you're given every tool for success so that you may open a new chapter in your life. Business locales, Waukeenian mercantile training, tools, initial goods, building a supply network, motivational support, I'll be there or all of it.

Now read this part twice, because this is important. You will not personally be given this amount and simply sent on your way. I will invest it and buy whatever required as long as the total is under fifty thousand. I will write a contract with you wherein you are entitled to any and all profits, the business and potential land, tools and everything related, and where I am entitled to nothing, despite being the backing investor. This is to help ensure that someone doesn't try and make off with the gold and simply spend it at their leasure, and to ensure that you're not at risk of being robbed or swindled.

Depending on how quickly and how many applications I get, this may take anywhere from weeks to months to get started.
I'll make an appearance in all of the local taverns during the high hours to help ensure that more people hear about this and get to try with their own application. There I'll also speak one on one with anyone that might not be able to read or write, so that they too are given a chance.

You can send your written application to the Triumvir and adressed to me.
What to include:
- Name
- Background
- Your idea or dream
- Why I should pick you

I'll look forward to hearing from all of you, and read about your ideas.
- Thomas Quinn

Adair - Druid and part time treant cosplayer

PostPosted: Wed, Jan 18 2017, 3:29 AM 


Joined: 06 Jan 2006
Location: California

*Identical responses are posted beside the notices in Cordor, Wharftown, and Bendir*

Name: Nirk’Tar Iac’nev – High Priest of Xar’Gel’Keck the Unclean

A humble servant of The Great Ooze, Moisture Be Upon Him, born Nulmar Smeulyenok in an insignificant mainland village to even less significant parents. I was, as a young jelly, enveloped by the loving ocean of Xar’Gel’Keck’s dewy yolk and gifted with His sweet ichor.

Your idea or dream: As High Priest of The Great Ooze, Moisture Be Upon Him, I hope to wriggle my sticky words into the lugubrious lives of the Amian populace and coat their fertile minds with the blessings of Xar’Gel’Keck’s slippery wisdom.

Why Should I Pick You: Within Him, All Are One. There is but one hope, one dream, one life, and one love. Within Him, Peace is possible. Our dream is to bring peace to Amia. I ask only that you join us in that endeavor. Join us in within His embrace and allow Him to consume all that pains you.

PostPosted: Sat, Jan 28 2017, 18:10 PM 

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Joined: 29 Jul 2007
Location: Norway: Home of the Trolls

The notices are all taken down.

Adair - Druid and part time treant cosplayer

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