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PostPosted: Mon, Jan 23 2017, 23:55 PM 

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A simple dirt stained notice would hang in Kampos, Cordor central and Cordor West.

Recent events at the Monastery involving the breaking of our most basic of rules in the neutral meeting ground seem to warrant some attention, to this end I've listened to what I believe to be a general consensus of the situation and have come to those involved with an opportunity to make amends. We at the Monastery do not care for your political, ideological and personal views. These have no place when walking our neutral ground and thus I'd like to ask that these be left at the entrance of our humble home. With that said, I offer those involved two options to remedy the situation.

Firstly, I'd like to extend a personal invitation to those transgressors to join me in the gardens of the Monastery, our work is hard and thankless but it is a humbling experience I believe several are requiring. Personally, I believe a weeks worth of time in the gardens would suffice as fitting punishment for the crimes committed.

Assuming you believe this sort of work is beneath your station, I invite you to donate a sum of gold Crowns you believe to be of personal sacrifice to the orphanage in Cordor as penance. I expect /everyone/ involved directly in this to act accordingly if they intend to return to our humble home. After all we offered a venue for this event and you brought your dirty laundry to air on our grounds.

Ryvvik of the Old Order.

Ryvvik Nightstar (Weirdo loner Monk)

PostPosted: Tue, Jan 24 2017, 18:18 PM 

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Joined: 17 Dec 2004
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A letter is sent to Monastery soon after the notice is found.

Dear masters of the Crouching Lemur Style
If this is the judgement of the masters of this order then I shall respect your wishes. While I am a woman of adamantite principle and will, I have never cowered from the consequences of my actions and remaining true to my faith. I have also never shirked from honest work and i would more then be happy to help in your gardens or anything else I or my clerical magic can do to aid your brotherhood with.

Once more i apologize for breaking your rules but I stand by my faith and dogma. However I will not stand for social niceties with a man who brags about defiling the honored dead and blasphemes against the divine as if such things were acceptable. I have already explained the events and I feel many agree that Hojo is being treated with kid gloves, when a man who indulges in such profane manner publicly and openly he should be ostracized and cast out from any and all lands that respect common decency, the sanctity of the dead and the grace of the gods. However I have said my peace and will no longer insist upon the matter. Your orders choices are your own even if I do not agree with them. I will be arriving to offer my aid in your garden and in any other way your people may need that I can provide.

-Erelkacha First Daughter of House Kenlyl high priestess of Eilistraee keeper of the Sacred Stones of the Moon.

Soon after the priestess makes her way to the Monastery happy to help the monks who live there, helping in the garden and offering up any kind of help that could be asked of her with a pleasantly polite demeanor and a kind smile.

After a days work and happily helping folks that may have needed it another note is left.
Incidentally I wanted to congratulate Ryvik on becoming your new leader and Grandmaster. I was not aware he now spoke for the entirely of your brotherhood and the Monastery or its grounds. May his wisdom guide your brotherhood well.

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