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PostPosted: Thu, Feb 02 2017, 18:58 PM 

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A warning notice is left at Kampos and on the roads of any and all areas near she-kat vally. As well as sent in letter form to Kohlingan, Cordor, Wharftown and Winya Ravana and Oakmist Grove


Any and all who travel the roads or live with in few miles of the She-kat you are here by warned that the She-kat are expanding, new breeds have been sighted as well are new tactics among the swarm. Everytime this occurs it is a sign the She-kat hive mind is preparing for a new swarm-war.

I implore caution to all travlers, merchants and civilians who travel near the She-kat valley region and advise longer routes for the sake of safety. Also I implore the islands powers that be to be on alert for a surge in she-kat activity. I also implore the same political powers and armed forces on the island to send fire-teams into the She-kat nest enmasse. The She-kat lair must be culled, burned and damaged. Sinking deadly cloud spells dropped into the cavern to seep into their deep hidden warrens. No one wants another swarm war and the only way to prevent it is to answer violence with swift violence.

You have my warning and advice from a veteran of three swarm-wars. If you have the numbers and resources to aggressively cull the she-kats please start doing so immediately as I am only one woman and I can not turn back the crawling tide alone. -Erelkacha Kenlyl

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