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PostPosted: Tue, Feb 21 2017, 21:28 PM 


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The idol of Malar is given care and attention by a wanderer.

The iron piton that had been hammered into the wall is removed. The note is set down to the ground. The dead Malarites that had been slain by the vengeful 'Moons Sword' have been dutifully cleared away, as rotted flesh and corpses are dumped outside, where the earth can take the nutrients from them and birth life anew.

Even while clearing, death is not permitted to be too far away from the idol - fresh skulls have been carefully cleansed and set around the idol, less it feel ignored by the removal of such a violent hunt around it. The skulls are those of animal and humanoid, from the Malarite corpses that had been strewn about before, each flensed neatly so they are clean, and polished and buffed so that the crackling wall sconces light glints off them in a manner most unsettling - they have been arranged to glint ominously, neatly piled around the Idol to Malar.

Dust and blown in leaves are swept away, but the cobwebs and their spiders remain to hunt their prey, their cobwebs sagging with the weight of flies from the rotted corpses that had been left before.

Now that the Idol is cleansed and properly dedicated, a single idol is added before the Idol of Malar, not in dedication, but a simple notification that this maligned God of Nature was tended to, even if it would soon be assaulted by adventurers again. No traps, no passageways blocked. Whoever did cleanse this small area around the Idol of Malar had ensured that the hunt of adventurers is not blocked, but encouraged by clean pathways so that they could move to fight, hunt, and kill more easily.

After all, for Malar, the crux of life is the challenge between the hunter and the prey.


PostPosted: Tue, Feb 21 2017, 21:47 PM 

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It isn't long after the clean up that a basin of bone, comprised of the back of a human skull is added before the statue of Malar. It was filled to the very brim with bright crimson blood and left as an offering...

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