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PostPosted: Fri, May 19 2017, 5:38 AM 

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*Posted in Kampo's, Cordor, Bendir, and Brogendenstein.*

Hail to you, brethren! My name is Furin Shieldhammer, a loyal warrior in service to all Earth-kin and to the Lord Moradin.

I am a skilled leader and warrior, and seek to form a group of like-minded warriors, magicians, and other professionals that are Earth-kin, to help me in the following ideals.

    Protect Brogendenstein and Bendir Dale from threats beyond their own borders, if detected.
    Patrol the Amian Forest and Brogendenstein mountains to the north, to eliminate monster threats and keep the peace.
    Lend our aid to any Earth-kin that call for our help against a threat to their lives or property, if the threat calls for our skills.
    Help aid settlements of our kin in any way that we can if not listed here.
    Prevent the raising of undead anywhere and everywhere we are able, as this dishonors the spirits of the fallen.

Our goal is a noble one - to ensure the peace and prosperity of all Earth-kin lands, individuals, and cultures.
We will not be swayed by the politicking of Cordor or the dogma of Kohlingen, or forces other than what is best for our people and to help the downtrodden. We will not refuse a call for help from other races necessarily, but our primary goal is the prosperity for those we call family, kin, brother and sister.

Our organization shall be the Order of the Hammer, brought down on our foes when needed, and used to rebuild our homes if necessary. Craftsmen are also welcome, even if they are not skillful in combat - it takes many kinds of individuals to help ensure the safety and welfare of our people.

If this work interests you, and you can avoid a conflict of interest with other settlements, please post here so we may begin our purpose of preserving peace and prosperity on Amia and abroad!

- Furin Shieldhammer


Osiris Masud


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