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PostPosted: Sat, Jun 10 2017, 2:04 AM 

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Joined: 17 Sep 2014
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*(also hung up in L'Obsul, Tarkuul, and the Nexus)Tacked up on the notice board is a fine piece of parchment for its purpose: delivering messages.
this one read:

"Casters of all schools and specializations, I, Hel'Vyst Be'tner, representing
the Magisterium Mortis in Tarkuul, am extending to you an invitation. With recent
renovations regarding city affairs and staff changes, our school welcomes you
to see what you can offer to us and, in turn, what we may offer you within the college's
new structure. Come as a mage with an open mind and let us open it further, let us show you magics you've never dreamed of using and ways of thought you may not have thunk.
You may have mastered magic, but let us show you what lays beyond mastery.
Worried you can't afford college? We pay you to attend. Within the school, you'll earn pay
for all the work assigned to you by the Magisterium. We also offer grants and cost reimbursement
for spell components for some private experiments.
Currently accepting new students:
An open house will be held on a to be announced date, feel free to stop by and enroll prior.
Currently seeking instructors:
Apply within or by mail with a curriculum vitae. Interviews will be kept reasonable and low stress.

Knowledge and Power
Instructor Hel'Vyst

The handwriting is neat and a bit feminine at first and most glance.

Hel'Vyst Be'tner
Veris Al'Rith

- "Fuck you, I'm from Waterdeep."



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