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PostPosted: Sun, Jun 18 2017, 8:57 AM 

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*The note is hanged in Cordor, Kampo's, Bendir Dale, Wharftown, Nexus and the settlements of the underdark that would allow a human to go in there*

"Magic capable individuals,
I write to those who are interested in the area of conjuration, both who seek to specialize on the area and those who are more of a generalist view.
I, Jacob Hel'Tharan, resident conjurer of the Magisterium Mortis, offer you my tutelage to further increasing your knowledge on the area.
I can cover the basic of the conjuration school for more of a generalist view and, for those interested or the ones that would wish to specialize on this school, I can guide you through the five subschool of conjuration: Calling, Creation, Healing, Summoning and Teleportation.
I may provide assistance and guidance in both theoretical and practical exercises, using the equipment available at the Magisterium. I will also encourage and help in personal research you may want to conduct.
Paying is not required, as I seek to further the knowledge of those interested in pursuing it, the only condition I ask is that you have an open mind and true commitment on this.

Knowledge and Power.
Jacob Hel'Tharan.

-Jacob Hel'Tharan: Knowledge through sacrifice.
-Norgrim Stonefoot: Proud dwarf engineer.

We are southamerican rockers, nou sommes rockers sudamericaines...

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