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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 19 2017, 17:07 PM 

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Notices are posted in almost every city, village, settlement and tavern via courier service, excluding Tarkuul, Zanshibon and, naturally, Underdark regions. The notices read:

Primarily seeking an established group of mercenaries for long-term professional work under a high-end employer. Further details, including identity of employer, will be discussed in person.

Also seeking individuals interested in lucrative mercenary work, to form a focused private group to act under same employer for various missions.

Work in question is not of clandestine nature, but will focus mainly on responding to and eliminating threats deemed dangerous by employer. There will be ample compensation, and a possibility of permanent lodgings.

Required qualifications: Must be able to take orders, follow agreements and contracts to the letter, be highly proficient in combating various threats ranging from armed humanoids to dire beasts and planar entities (method of combat, be it by strength of arms or magical means mostly irrelevant), must be a member of a reputable race ( in other words, members of races barred from some or most surface cities need not apply).

Leave replies to postal box number 347 at Kampo's Storehouse.

No real signature can be seen anywhere on the notices.

Krimmor Nurad ~ Master of Greed

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