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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 26 2017, 4:01 AM 

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A small sign is posted around various places in the FrozenfarChillwyck castle is now open and available for public use. Please keep the following in mind.

1. The castle is free to be used by any faithful of Auril and any friend or citizen of the Barony of the Fogwood.
2. The area is ruled by Auril and the Barony of the Fogwood. Enemies of either are not welcome. Rules of both should be observed, with special attention paid to Aurils dogma and decrees.
3. The offices, rooms, beds, and other areas are assigned occupants by the Count or Clergy, else they are communal.
4. Clean up after yourself.
5. Do not bring trouble to Chillwyck, or the rest of the Barony for that matter.
6. The doors remain unlocked and open unless the Clergy or the Barony says otherwise.
7. Of the two bloodletting rooms, one is for willing participation and one is for other-than-willing. Do not misuse them, and keep rule four in mind.
8. The basement arena is likewise free for use. The area will likely be used for drilling the local Chillwyck militia and not available for general, public use during drill time.
9. Ask permission before removing books. Any book found in the public book-hold on the first floor may be read on site.
10. If you take any liquor or wine from the smoking room, or anywhere else, you are expected to replace it with a bottle of equal or greater value.

I will be enforcing these rules personally, should the need arise.

-Count Kaldrjarn Pitt

Current Room Assignments;
1. Upstairs Office 1, Large; Count Pitt
2. Upstairs Office 2, Small; Occupied
3. Upstairs Office 3, Small; Available
4. Upstairs Office 4, Small; Available
5. Upstairs Office 5, Small; Available
6. Downstairs, Lab 1; Occupied

//These are all IC rules and there is no OOC enforcement of them.


Count Kaldrjarn Pitt | Archmage Kilmar | Sarguk Morderer


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