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Don Is'def
PostPosted: Sat, Aug 19 2017, 23:10 PM 

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The Notice Reads
People and Merchants of Amia

In honour of the Merchant King – Vergadain, Barak Runedar is throwing open its doors and celebrating his grace in one of our Coin Festivals. Merchants from all over Amia* are invited to partake, bringing both their wares and their coin to partake in our prosperity. The Great hall shall be turned into a market, with market stalls being erected for merchants, both foreign and domestic to display their wares. The Event shall culminate in an Auction: the Djinn Paimon invited to preside over such. The Lots of this auction shall be unique items from not only our hold, but settlements, Items which will not be found in any other place. I look forward to seeing many of those who read this notice in attendance, may the merchant king bless your endeavors upon this day.

Whurak Thunderhammer
King of Barak Runedar

*Those who call Tarkuul home, or are otherwise forbidden entry to our hold due to our laws need not attend. This includes, but is not limited to, those of Orkoid or Goblinoid descent, those with the blood of demons, devils, evil dragons or other malicious creatures flowing through their veins and any others who are greeted in the street by the moniker of “Monster”

//I have this penciled in for the 27th, but I am awaiting news of DM availability from our DorfcatladyDM, and so this may change. However, it will be on a Sunday, and it will be aimed to kick off around 3:00pm GMT+1 (London time), with the Auction beginning at around 4:30pm GMT+1

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