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PostPosted: Fri, Aug 18 2017, 23:53 PM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

A rather simple letter, written in red ink, would be posted in Cordor, Kampo's and Tarkuul. The writing seems to be from a hand with little practise lately, and therefore, while still legible, fairly disorderly and crooked.

To those who can teach me to use my wings,I am looking for someone who could guide me in the use of my wings. I was hoping you could show me the correct technique to flight. I would be willing to pay a monetary reward, with the extent up to discussion, for anyone willing to help me.

Considering my familiarity with the location, and the enchantments in that area, specifically featherfall,
I would suggest we meet in Tarkuul, to train there, though I would answer any messages left for me.
Nonethless, I would suggest that anyone responding is aware of this up front, before bothering to waste my time, I am descendant of a Red, and therefore would suggest that any who answer this are aware of this.

Alexander MacKay.

PostPosted: Sat, Aug 19 2017, 11:15 AM 

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A note in neat handwriting is posted on the posting at Kampo's.

I can teach you to fly. I will meet you at noon at your appointed location in Tarkuul. You will know me when you see me.

Cinn Motog

((In the interests of not wasting your time, this is a response done by a character who wants to cheekily waste his time. No one shows up at the time given, and you can RP whatever you like as a result! ^^; ))

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PostPosted: Sat, Aug 19 2017, 12:12 PM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

Anyone watching might see Alex, for once not in his uniform, standing in Tarkuul, waiting for an appointment. After a few minutes, he would start looking annoyed. A few more mintues, frustrated. Then angry. After nobody showed up, he would move on to Kampo's and post a new letter there, under his own, previous posting.

Anyone else wishing to waste my time, I would like to warn you against that,
lest I find you and direct my wrath against you.

To you, Cinn Motog, I will find you, and you will regret messing with me.

// I took the liberty to do this at my noon (CET), considering he wouldn't show up. :)

PostPosted: Sat, Aug 19 2017, 13:02 PM 

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A small note is left.

"Ha. Sap.

- HoJo"

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PostPosted: Sun, Aug 20 2017, 11:04 AM 

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*a reply is left at Kampo's*

Alexander MacKay, I am willing to teach you how to fly. I personally do not recommend Tarkuul though, it is too flat with too many obstacles to hit.


// I am CET timezone. Usually home around 6-7pm CET on a weekday. More flexible on a weekend.


PostPosted: Sun, Aug 20 2017, 15:12 PM 

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Attention Alexander,

The Living City of Tarkuul is under permanent Feather Fall and Spider Climb spells, allowing you to climb up to our tallest towers and leap from them and land safely down should you falter.

- The Necromaster

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