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PostPosted: Mon, Sep 18 2017, 20:47 PM 


Joined: 28 Sep 2011

Notices are posted in most settlements on Amia's surface (Cordor, Bendir Dale, Wharftown, Kampo's, Kohlingen), printed on fine parchment with gold leaf borders.

Are you amazing?
Skilled? Clever? Witty? Incredibly handsome? Do your muscles bulge out of your clothes? Are you so fast the light can't catch you? Do you want to meet exciting new people and prove that you are the most skilled, astounding, and brilliant of them all?

The Vindle Clan wants you to compete in a daring new competition to do just that in this dangerously experimental new form of competition!

The Shenaniganza!
working title subject to change depending on market forces

The rules are simple!

Each competitor will apply in secret, nominating three things:
-A secret code name (Make it awesome!)
-A secret token (Something you don't mind losing, don't let anyone know what it is!)
-Something for the prize pool (I don't make money by bankrolling larks, kids!)

The goal? Obtain all the tokens from all the other contestants.

No competitor will know who else is competing, you have to work it out!

Any competitor can challenge any other competitor for any number of tokens they possess, but the one being challenged gets to choose what that challenge is! This isn't meant to be easy! We want to hear tales of arm wrestling, foot races, eating or drinking or kissing competitions, dice games, archery contests, or anything else you can think of!

If you have been challenged, and won? The next competitor to challenge you gets to choose the competition! Try to keep it secret! It's more fun that way!

After every challenge, win or lose, you have to send a secret message on to the Master of Ceremonies so it can all be kept on track so we know who wins (And written up in a daring and magical way for all our readers at home to delight in!)

Not allowed into a city? Is someone hiding from destiny? You can issue your challenges by friendly courier, so that the challenge may take place on friendlier grounds!

If a tenday goes by and no one issues a challenge to anyone else? One random contestant will have their identity revealed and be left open for the rampaging hordes out to claim their prize!

Dueling for your tokens is allowed, but discouraged! For each duel challenge that occurs, one random item will be returned from the prize pool to its original owner! Too much fighting and no one gets anything!

Try to keep this all square with the law in your local area, challenges compelling rule breaking are not condoned by Shenaniganza!

All applicants are welcome, please send notice to the Master of Ceremonies: Jannah Vindle of Bendir Dale if you wish to compete in the first Shenaniganza!

Player of:
Asya Goodmonsdottir - Knight of Lesser Gods.
-Winner of 2014's "Razored Tongue" Award, and Emcee's pick "Authoritarian of the year".
Jannah Vindle - Mistress of Coin.

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