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PostPosted: Sat, Mar 10 2018, 4:39 AM 

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For druids that would walk through blood-moon pass the birds would speak to them as they traveled by.

"if you're interested in Mother Nature's will and are distraught by civilizations constant abuse of Mother nature's unending kindness, you are not alone. Arieme is looking for like-minded individuals to gather and start up a new grove to work with that in mind. Soon The Sylvan Circle will be born. She has asked that we tell you to speak with her if you are interested."

OOC note:
I am working towards starting a NE druid faction. The concept being that Civilization has abused Mother Nature's generosity for far too long and they work to preserve her lands and hinder the advancement of civilization. Druids, Rangers and Clerics of the fury are welcome. If this interests you please do let me know in PMs or IG :)

Arieme - Condemned Blighter and anti-druid
Khristina - Bounty Hunter, Blessed of Hoar

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