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PostPosted: Sun, Nov 04 2018, 19:48 PM 

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Joined: 13 Oct 2006

Locations [Barak Runedar Port, Cordor, Bendir Dale, Kampos, Wharftown]

Dwarves of the land unite with your Kin! We have a stout, well defended Hold on Brogendenstein with room for our Kin to make home.

Citadel Barak Runedar is seeking Kin to join our Hold. Adventuring dwarves of all types welcome. The only requirements are as follows:

1. You are a Shield or Gold Dwarf
2. You worship one or more of the Morndinsamman.

That simple.

The Citadel of Barak Runedar is a Kingdom. This recruitment is authorized by King Whurak Thunderhammer.

Recruits will enjoy all the immense benefits of Hold citizenship, provided they remain active in Hold life and join our shared toil towards long lasting glory.

Tark Hammerfeast
King's Thegn of Citadel Barak Runedar

//OOC: Have a dwarf collecting dust in your archive? Looking for an active faction to become part of? Feeling left out of all the "action"? Looking to roll a PC that has more hitpoints than all the other members of your party combined? Want a PC who is known for “not dying”? Looking for a PC with an amazing beard? The Citadel Barak Runedar faction has been active for many years, with some long time members, some part time players, and various affiliates. Those interested PM me directly and I'll provide some more detail on how to join the fun!

Tark Hammerfeast - Immovable Object
True Greenspan - Bendir's Boy Wonder

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