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PostPosted: Sun, Nov 04 2018, 6:33 AM 

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Posted in Cordor, Kampo's, L'Obsul, and Tarkuul.

I am seeking an apprentice with desire to study the arcane art, my areas of expertise include theTransmutation and Necromancy schools, as well as artiface with a refined mastery of weaponsmithy. I am also studying the ancient Netherese schools of arcana, with a focus in Variation - which relates to my current schools of focus.

Desirable traits in a student include:
  • Medical expertise
  • Wand carving and potion brewing [which I do not practice myself]
  • An interest in any of the subjects of expertise I have listed above.

Your role as my apprentice will also function as a research assistant in projects I am currently undertaking, and these may grant you deeper insights into the capabilities of these schools.

Reach me by letter at Kampo's,
Gerald Edmund

Gerald Edmund
Discord: Metal Viking Guy #5433

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