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PostPosted: Fri, Oct 13 2017, 1:11 AM 


Joined: 01 Mar 2012

*Rosary tacks a notice up at the Hin Inn*

A noticeHello Residents,

As you all know, slings aren't the most terrifying weapons and are seen somewhat as a joke by outsiders. Well, it's time we show them otherwise! I will be conducting a small project that will benefit members of our community.

This project will promote the use of slings which is most prominently used by Hin, similar to that of elves who excel in archery. My idea is to create and enchant powerful bullets for our people to use, specifically one type to represent each god. As you know them to be: Arvoreen, Urogalan, Yondalla, Cyrrollalee, Brandobaris & Sheela Peryloyl. However, the first step for this would be your ideas on what you would name these bullets and what specific properties they will carry. For example, I thought of:

Patron: Sheela Peryloyl
Name of the bullet: Green Fingers
Description: These acidic bullets are capable of turning enemies to stone!

The best ideas will be decided by me after enough time. Once the brainstorming is done, this will allow me to research and find the necessary materials for each bullet which is vital for the enchanting process. There are several things that would help me during the course of the project.

1) Someone who can make bullets (Please let me know if you can think of anyone who can do this).
2) Volunteers for the enchanting process. Including but not limited to: bards, druids, clerics, wizards, and sorcerers.

Remember that this is a piece of work that will take some time. Hopefully, we can restore some of our traditions back to life as a community made mostly of Hin!

~ Rosary D. Ryker

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PostPosted: Fri, Oct 13 2017, 18:56 PM 

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Joined: 13 Oct 2006

*A bright eyed and youthful Hin posts in response*

I'm able to craft bullets of any type you might need. I might even have some bright ideas in my noggin.

True Greenspan

Tark: Tha' Dwarf's Dwarf.
True: A David aiming for Goliath
Clank: What's a Clink without a Clank?

PostPosted: Fri, Oct 13 2017, 19:07 PM 


Joined: 01 Mar 2012

*Rosary puts up a note in response to True's*

Grand! I'll be contacting you for such. Please do suggest your bright ideas, as well as anyone else who has any. Hopefully, we can have a variety of bullets that would be useful for different occasions.

~ Rosary

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