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PostPosted: Sun, Aug 26 2012, 16:43 PM 

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*A sealed report is left at the Djedetan complex. It is addressed to 'the Chosen of Ma'at.' It is written in common with a Mulhorandi translation provided.*

Sun-crystal Translocation Device
Ulrik Valis
Corinn Aldaine
Sir Jerand

This is an initial report on the Sun-crystal Translocation Device, henceforth referred to as the device, which was acquired from Arcadian agents "bear" and "cow." Research of the device has been deemed classified by the academy, and details of this research is strictly limited to those of the research team and the Chosen of Ma'at and trusted colleagues with a need-to-know only.

Preliminary analysis shows the device to be comprised of some sort of 'liquid lead.' This substance has yet to be studied independently, and such study may not be possible as any attempt to take a 'sample' of this substance has any shavings removed simply rejoining the device once more. Such leaden composition makes divination on the closed device impossible.

The device has three known states. Deactivated, activated, and opened. Deactivated, the device compacts itself into an easy to carry box. Activated, it appears as a large pool of water with an accompanying magical rod. Opening the device allows a view of the inside components of the device. Experimentation has shown that only I could command the device. Neither Corinn, nor Aoth, nor Sir Jerand's commands were recognized. Therefore, neither a wizard, nor a wizard and a Chosen of Ma'at, nor a moral upstanding man could command the device. It is not currently understood why only I can command the device, and it is presumed to be some sort of defensive mechanism.

Composition of the device is a liquid-leaden casing, as well as what appear to be 'pipes' of the same material on the inside. These pipes shift and change while the device is in operation, and are connected to a crystal. While open the device can be subject to divination, and such has revealed the crystal to be a 'Sun-crystal.' Sun-crystals are artifacts from ancient Netheril, and are the divine equal to mythallar. In simple layman's terms, it is "very, very powerful magic." Magic of such magnitude I may have seen only once or twice in my life. The sun-crystal appears to power the device, which is capable of various translocative magics, which are dictated by the setting of a numeral dial set about the edge of the pool.

Operation of the device is not restricted like activation of the device. The range of settings is one to three-hundred. The current setting of the device is thirty-three, and when activated under this setting the device teleported the subject randomly to a point on the prime material (and notably, the Amia isle). I was teleported from the Seven Stars to the old haunted manor grounds. Sir Jerand, who 'came after me' was teleported to the Minmir Bridge. Usage of the device is curious and simple. To make use of its powers, one must allow a drop of their blood to fall in the pool. Therefore the device appears to operate on the basis of organic sympathetic magic.

The exact purpose of each dial setting is yet unknown, as is the setting that will allow teleportation to Gehenna. Yet it is my conclusion that these Arcadian agents 'cow' and 'bear' spoke accurately when mentioning it will allow us to travel into Anubis' realm. Further research will be required to discern the appropriate setting.

`Ulrik Valis

Marcus Valis

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