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PostPosted: Mon, Sep 24 2012, 5:36 AM 

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Along the caravan route from Nes'ek to Djedet lies a corpse. A man, not young at all, garbed in thin clothing and a cloak bearing the symbol of Kelemvor.
The corpse is half buried in the sand, and must have been there a day or two for the sand to partially cover it. The youngling is black, Tuigan or Chultan and seems unarmed. His body is impaled with several spears and even two-three arrows which a local could identify easily.
Whatever marks or tracks left by his killer(or killers) have vanished in the sand.

Any means to raise him back to life or even resurrect him fail as he seems to have accepted his judgement and crossed over to the afterlife.

Will you bring him to civilisation and provide him a proper burial or scavenge his bones for valuables? (If you desire to plunder, I am willing to transfer all items)

*The PC is Permadead. You are free to RP however you desire*

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PostPosted: Mon, Sep 24 2012, 9:20 AM 

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The body of the man is taken to Djedet by one Sekry, for the Priests to watch over while a missive is sent to the Temple in Nesek for the Kelemvor to claim one of their own. The body is covered in a plain, clean white cloth. As no ceremony of rites would be performed upon one not of the faith as they deserve blessings of their own.

His armor is taken off and polished and his weapons are honed are wrapped in oil and placed in their sheaths. His boots if need be are sent to a cobbler to be repaired. His supplies seem ready should he arise again. All the possessions are placed back next to the man who rests inside the Complex on a bed.

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