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P Three
PostPosted: Tue, Dec 03 2013, 20:41 PM 

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A young Drow woman, heavily tattooed with the symbols of Eilistraee and clad in light but covering silvery gauze robes, arrives in Nes'ek, carrying a small crate. She heads into the Temple of Lathander as was offered by Sin'eela to wait out the day, but she lets the people in the city know that she has supplies of food, in vast amounts, for those that need.
Bearing Serenity's words in mind, she doesn't offer the food for free unless she is asked to, asking only a very nominal fee for the supplies needed, so that good quantities can be bought for extremely bottom-of-the-barrel prices. True, it rankles her, but she bears the woman’s words of the Mulhorandi pride in her mind and tries to keep it as pleasing for them as possible, while sticking as close to her Maiden’s dogma as she can.
When darkness finally falls, she can be found outside, speaking to anyone who will listen, and tending what plants will grow in the desert area, notably papyrus. She seems content, and is willing to endure the stares of the villagers, greeting them all with kind smiles and small talk, even if it’s not answered.

At her hip is a small book, and always, always a canteen of water. The book seems to be a journal of some kind, as she is often stopping to record happenings or even just her own random thoughts in it.

((OOC: This is the beginning of Aly’dra’s Run, as a priestess. This RP will take precedence over any of my other RP for the next 7 days, at least. I welcome and encourage any and all interaction with her during this time, friendly or hostile. Many screenies will be takenI will be on starting at 6pm EST on weeknights.))

Bobo_Underhill wrote:
Ley lines, y'all. Just let me go wrangle up my cowboy boots and lasso us up some magic.


Aly'dra Zau'ana: Priestessish Of Eilistraee
Danika Nefzen: Druid of the Earthmother
Delia Am'Anodel: Paladin of Torm

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