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PostPosted: Thu, Apr 14 2016, 22:28 PM 


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Notices in the town square, and passed to Captain Khai and the rest of the leadership.

Hello everyone. With how well our last meeting went, and with how peacefully the town has been running along, I'm confident that we can begin preparing for our next task. As you remember, the Khalem River Valley was the breadbasket and lifeblood of Khem before the disaster. To feed a growing population, it will be essential that we control this territory, and ensure it remains unspoiled and productive for years to come. To do so will require a coordinated community effort. We will have to come together to pool our talents in order to tame a new outpost. This will be the first time Nes'ek has had to act outside its walls since the disaster, and unexpected danger is sure to test our resolve.

Captain Khai, you will have to finalize the reconsolidation of the militia and find some trustworthy lieutenants. I suggest choosing Mahir Ramathant for your first. I can introduce you to possibly another. You will have to recruit, drill, organize, and train. Not only are you responsible for protecting Nes'ek, but there will be several outposts established over time, that will require men and oversight. The Khalem Valley will require one such outpost. I need your men able to move into new territory, and prepared to quickly establish such an outpost to protect our workers.

Azizi, Arfahtar, you are our most respected masters of trade. We will need you to source a great deal of materials. We will need plentiful bags of seed to not only start our crops and orchards, but to help reseed the banks of the river with native grasses, reeds, ferns and palm trees. Our magic will help, but there are surely places that will require ordinary sweat and labor. The militia will have to be outfitted. We will need farming tools and equipment. We will need timber and stone to build our outposts and expand our city. This is a monumental task, but I know that you are both wise and savvy. Our coffers are plentiful; do well and you will both become very rich men. Recruit other merchants from the community as needed.

Lady Si'neela, as a high priestess of Lathander, the wise God of Renewal, Sun and Growth, I can think of no other woman more qualified to gather together the farmers and workers of our community. When the land has been purified, and the river runs clean and the banks have turned green, I will trust in you and your faithful to see that the fields and orchards flourish. I will of course lend my own skill to this, so the burden is not on you alone.

My Kelemvorite brothers and sisters, it is your wisdom and magic that I will rely on the most to conduct the purification rites in the heart of the valley, and to bless the land with new life. Study, pray, and ensure you are well-rested in preparation for setting out.

Finally, our reclusive Hoarite brothers have a role as well, if they choose to accept it. A darkness lurks and plots in the waste. Set was not content to just lay us low, he desires nothing more than to see us kept downtrodden forever. He and his minions deserve nothing but your divine vengeance in retribution for all he has done. I will speak to you on this when I know more.

To the allies and adventurers that haven't been named, if you are willing to aid in any of these tasks, or protect an expedition deep into the wastes, please let me know here or in person.

~Talyne of Isis

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