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PostPosted: Tue, Oct 17 2017, 12:46 PM 

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The original copy of this published children's tale is found in the archives of the Wiltun library, though others are distributed to cities for public domain such as Cordor, Winya Ravana, Bendir Dale, Wharftown, and Kohlingen.

When the days grow dark,
And the nights rear long
The children howl in fear,
As they hear the Charming Man's song.

"His smile fair as spring, as towards him he draws you,
His tongue sharp and slivery, as he implores you,
Your wishes he grants, and he swears to adore you
Gold, silver, jewels - he lays riches before you,
Dues need be repaid, and he will come for you
All to reclaim, no smile to console you
He'll snare you in bonds, eyes glowin afire
To gore and tormet you, till the stars expire!"

Be not fooled, little one,
For he does not wish to lark
The Charming Man only takes,
Boasting himself the "loan shark".

He will lead you in song,
Try to will you to dance
But you must remain strong,
Never fall for his trance.

If you hear his voice in your head,
If you feel his touch in the night -
Remember this tale,
And hold on tight.

Think of the calming winds,
And the rolling seas
The lilt of harks,
Putting your mind at ease.

Listen to your mother,
Heed the words of your father
Lest they find themselves one less son,
Or one less daughter.

- Amaryllid, Winya Ravana 1385 DR

// special thank you to Nihilus for the plot that spawned this. hope you like it, and sorry it took me so long!~


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