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PostPosted: Wed, Mar 22 2017, 1:08 AM 

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The notices are posted at the following locations, by a Halfling with a blue coat and a pointy hat:

  • Belenoth
  • Kohlingen
  • Bendir Dale
  • Cordor (East)
  • Cordor (West)
  • Endir's Point
  • Kampo's Post
  • L'Obsul
  • Shadowscape
  • Tarkuul
  • Triumvirate
  • Wharftown

Second Amian Convocation

Purpose of the Second Amian Convocation is to continue our first dialogue between magi, as well as the continued exchange of ideas and knowledge. To start, we will be resuming our discussion of a suitable location for a new temple of Mystra in City-State neutral territory.

To that end, magi of any degree of competence and praxis are invited to attend at the meeting, which shall be held at Belenoth, in the Frozen Far on the date (date*), 5243 NY (1384 DR).

Performance of a simple cantrip shall be sufficient proof of spellcasting capability; for the purpose of convenience and popularization of the Art of Magic, each attending magi is entitled to a single guest or bodyguard.
Addendum per unanimous vote at FAC: Guests are expected to be civil and adhere to the decorum of not brandishing their weapons.

For the purpose of security, attending magi are expected to make the following concessions:

1) Vow of non-violence against attendees, for the duration of, and up to nine hours after departure from the SAC.
2) Restitution for any damage personally inflicted to the property of others during SAC.

Magical staves, vestments, shields and armor are expected to be utilized by attending magi. Melee or ranged weapons of any kind, with an exception of foci on case-by-case basis are not to be utilized, worn openly or brandished in any way. Defensive spells are permitted for personal use, with the exceptions dictated by common sense. Do contact Chairmen or assistants in case of doubt.

For the purpose of event organization and management, office of the Chairmen is established.
Both initial chairmen are appointed by themselves. A.X.S. & M.V. Of the future chairmen, one is to be appointed by the pair of current chairmen, another - elected by attending magi. No chairman may hold chair more than twice in a row. Current Chairmen are Eli Hodgewall and Theodor Gedrhoste.

The event shall be properly chronicled by scribes & assistants, with at least two transcripts of discussions to be made available for the registered magi.

Belenoth is located in the Frozen Far. If you need further directions, or a portal bind, please feel free to reach out to Eli Hodgewall either at his address in Guldorand, or either chairman by magical sending.

Further events are to take place at different locations.

Faithful & etc. of a power known as “Shar” are denied entry.

Few seals are attached to each notice.

OOC: Hoping to hold this at the same time we did the first. 09:00 AM CST on Sunday, March 26th. We can do a Doodle though, if folks would rather.

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PostPosted: Sun, Mar 26 2017, 15:56 PM 

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//heads up: this is in 1 hour

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