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PostPosted: Mon, Mar 05 2018, 18:10 PM 

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Joined: 05 Jan 2006
Location: Hin Town

Budly can be seen walking passed the center of Bendir Dale, a hammer, nail and a new sign in hand. He hammers it up and leaves quietly

All you in need of food, be you sick, weak or poor. My household is bountiful with food and a warm smile. Come to our house in the evening and we shall spare you the pies and drinks we cannot eat ourselves, free of charge! Brielk, can also help with repairing your tools should they be broken and stopping you from doing your work.

Keep your awareness high upon the roads! For dangers lurks in every shadow, stay together, for we are like one big family.

May the Dark Maiden guide your path, no matter who you pray to. For she cares about all good beings. May the mother feed you one way or another and may there be joy to your day and night.

Budly D Bundly

Sylveera : Sun Elven fury packed in an Arcane Archer, not a Drow, promise.
Tetrik : Greed incarnate in a Duergar.
Budly : Minister of Foreign Affairs, half a foot into retirement.
Barrililath : Shadowy Drow, probably less Drow than Sylv ever be.

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