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PostPosted: Fri, Sep 07 2018, 19:24 PM 

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A notice would be left publically in Cordor, Tarkuul, Kampos, Hangman's Cove, and Shadowscape.

To whom it may concern.

We, the residents of The Cliffside Encampment, are looking for the common person looking for a change in lifestyle, location or scene to fill aspiring more common roles in and around The Cliffside Encampment.

The roles are, but not limited to:

- Farmers
- Villagers
-aspiring militia and military regimen

As well as we are looking for more aspiring and inclined individuals to hold higher positions in these associations. Such as generals in the militia/military regimen. As well as social leaders in the more commoner roles such as farmers and villigers.

The notice would be signed with the insignia of a coiled serpent with a skull between it's fangs.

// this is an IC notice looking for both PCs looking for sanctuary and a place of residence. As well as to NPCs looking for much the same.

The goal is to potentially setup a standing militia for the camp to serve as lasting protection that isn't solely player based. As well as a common people to serve the purpose of economical and financial stability in the hopes of moving it out of a faction area and into a more permanent residence within the module. As a settlement.

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