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PostPosted: Wed, Dec 19 2018, 8:42 AM 

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A familiar face to most farmers and many adventurers is seen heading into more settlements, rather than just their outskirts. Arkam Brightwood attempts to meet with leadership of each settlement to analyze and discuss their resource needs and management, such as any timber they might cut from the forest, difficulties farmers are having, amounts of hunting and fishing being done by the populace, etc. Should they be overextending, Arkam attempts to find a compromise in which his assistance could limit their need for said resources.

//[OOC:] I would love information on this in regards to any cities that might be upsetting the balance between civilization and the natural world around them, be it information given to the PC's that run the settlement to be done IC or some DM interaction with the city's officials. My hope is to rope in many PC's to help with managing needs of the various settlements as well as involve another level of realism of the day-to-day needs of a city other than defending it from monsters.

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