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PostPosted: Fri, Jan 04 2019, 22:28 PM 

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[Posted in Cordor, Bendir Dale, Kohlingen, Winya Ravana and Kampo's Storehouse.]

People of Amia,

Let it be known that the vile Arcomental, Cryonax, the self-proclaimed Prince of all evil para-elementals of Ice, recently threatened the balance between the Material Plane, and the Places of Air and Water. Set in his ways, Cryonax, in his impulse, sought to freeze the movement of Water and Air, to ensure the entire world in ice, to harvest the powers of Air and Water for his dark purposes - to spread his domain of ice and eternal winter.

A heartless entity he is, who would force us all into slavery and bondage, lacking any integrity or solidarity with others. In his dire promise to expand his province, he called upon his evil subjects to bring upheaval and discord, raising beacons to weaken resistance between the Planes and to carry out his foul treason against the balance. Setting his legions of evil para-elementals against our beloved homes, he used these beacons to breach portals between the Para-elemental Plane of Ice and our own world, bent on turning Amia and its surroundings into a permanent outpost of ice and snow.

So adverse an event could not be tolerated, and so brave and resourceful men and women rallied to thwart Cryonax's plans. With the purity of Elemental Water and Air threatened, the Material plane was struck by his evil intent, and Cryonax, in his arrogance, was assured of his success. His plans, however, have been decisively thwarted, and in collective measure, we thank these courageous and stalwart individuals for their unerring support for our cause:

Ania Viranirn
Arkam Brightwood
Le'mon Zau'ana
Niss'assa Kenlyl
Kieler Almstedt
Ryrik Follenstein
Sali Aphaeleon
Sylveera Guststride
Tal'afay Tinnerai
Wilfire Strongfeet

These individuals valiantly kept taking a stance against Cryonax's desires, time and time again, and never faltered in the ultimate goal of defending and securing Ellena Redseal, whose actions ensured Guldorand's safety until she herself fell into the claws of the enemy. Joining forces to remove this evil, they set aside their differences and not only managed to secure Ellena Redseal from the enemy alive, but also destroyed the construct by the border of the Para-elemental Plane of Ice and the Material Plane.

To them, and to all parties attending this stance in defence, we extend our sincere gratitude, and hope their heroic actions in unity will be remembered.

-Matriarch Triel'ithra Zau'ana, Seneschal of the Shrine of Eilistraee and Darksong Knight of Song

Lady Las'Claianna Le'Quella
[A red wax seal with depiction of three triangles had been set underneath Lady Le'Quella's name, and the seal of the Zau'ana family under Triel's name.]


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